We offer classical Hatha yoga lessons in Cape Town. Hatha yoga was founded by Goraksa Natha in North India around AD 11C as a way of attaining enlightenment. It consists of hundreds of poses and dozens of breathing exercises and meditation techniques. Hatha yoga is very effective in helping to promote good health, weight loss, anti-aging and is also effective for stress relief. It boosts body conditioning for some sports, helps in rehabilitation from injuries and illness and stimulates overall well-being. So it's no surprise that hatha yoga has become popular over the world.

Class Schedule

Sunday 11:00 am ~


Duration of General class is 2 hrs


Please make sure you haven't eaten for 2 hours - light meal, 3 hours -heavy meal


Class Fee

Drop in: R 80

Prepaid Tickets (5 classes): R 300

Prepaid Tickets (10 classes): R 500


My name is Tee Tomitsuka. I was born in Japan in 1971, and came to Cape Town in 2008. I have more than fifteen years' experience in yoga in both Japan and the UK, which I now want to share in Cape Town.
I believe that the best way to benefit from yoga is through perseverance and regular practice. With this in mind, I make every effort to create a friendly, supportive, and non-competitive environment.


Phone: 076 567 3692 (Tee, Club Instructor)

E-mail: teeyogacapetown@yahoo.com

Please feel free to ask a question!